How to Change Your Facebook Password

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Most people use terrible passwords. If you’re one of them, you should change all your important passwords to something a lot more secure — and believe it or not, that includes Facebook.

If someone has access to your Facebook account, they have a huge amount of your personal data, can probably log in to lots of other websites and services pretending to be you, and can even scam your friends. So you should keep it protected. Here’s how to change your Facebook password.

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Facebook’s Password Requirements

Most websites enforce minimum password standards. Typically, they require that your password include at least one capital letter, one number or special character, and be a certain length. Facebook is no exception, but its requirements are pretty lax compared to other websites. As of August 2022, your Facebook password must:

  • Be six characters long
  • Contain at least one number or special character.

That’s it — if you wanted to make your password “aaaaa1” you could, but you shouldn’t. It is vital that you create a strong password for each of your online accounts.

Your Facebook password should be at least 12 characters long, contain a mixture of lowercase and capital letters, and at least a few numbers and special characters.

Your Facebook password shouldn’t be a variation of a password you use for other accounts, either. Reusing passwords in that way increases the risk to all of your accounts if one account is compromised. You should use a password manager if you don’t want to worry about memorizing a bunch of different passwords yourself.

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Change Your Facebook Password on the Web

Start by logging into the Facebook website and then select the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner and choose “Settings & Privacy.”

Click the “Settings” option from the following menu.

Now select “Security and Login” from the left sidebar and then click “Change Password” from the Login section.

Enter your current password and your new password twice. If it’s too short, weak, or the confirmation doesn’t match, Facebook will notify you.

Type in your current Facebook password and your new password twice

When you’ve got a strong password, click “Save Changes.” You’ll be asked if you want to stay logged in on all your other devices. If you think your account has been hacked, select “Log Out of Other Devices.” Otherwise, you’re okay to go with “Stay Logged In.”

The "Password Changed" notification. You can forcibly log out all of your currently logged-in devices if you want.

And that’s it, your Facebook password is changed.

Change Your Facebook Password on iPhone, iPad, or Android

Open the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and then select the three-line “Menu” button in the bottom-right (on the iPhone and iPad) or top-right (on Android) corner. From there, expand the “Settings & Privacy” option and tap “Settings.”

Choose the “Password and Security” from the Account section.

Choose the "Password and Security" option

Scroll down to the Login section and tap “Change Password.”

Select the "Change Password" option

Enter your current password and then your new password twice. Click “Update Password” and your new Facebook password will be saved.

Enter your current password, new passwords, and tap "Update Password"

A good password is only one part of having a secure Facebook account. You should also check out our guide on some of the other things you can do to make it as secure as possible. If you’re struggling to remember your passwords or use secure ones, you should also consider using a password manager.

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