HOTO FLASHLIGHT FIT 3-mode portable flashlight has a long-range light up to 200 meters

Keep a handy tool by your side to help you in the dark: the HOTO FLASHLIGHT FIT 3-mode portable flashlight. This flashlight flaunts 3 modes yet has a minimalist design. The outer body of the flashlight also has an anodic oxidation treatment. This enables its surface to stay safe from scratches and everyday wear and tear. Additionally, there’s a button that can help you switch between the 3 modes—Lighting, Flashing, and SOS. In fact, the flashlight also includes other features such as free brightness regulation, stepless light adjustment, settings memory function, and more. Furthermore, it has an outstanding IP55-certified dustproof and water-resistant design. Finally, the flashlight boasts 300 lumens of brightness and a reduced condenser angle that reaches a distance of 200 meters.

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