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Stumped about what to buy the software developer in your life? Check out these tech products that will actually impress your favorite programmer.

Buying gifts for software developers can be challenging. They aren’t often impressed by the newest gadgets on the market because they spend their days creating the software that makes many of those gadgets work. But there are some hot gadgets for software developers out there that will delight the programmer in your life.

With these, they’ll be so busy that they won’t have time to tell you the history of software again. And that is a gift to yourself.

Developers working (Image Credit: Tim van der Kuip, Unsplash)

TimeCube Timer

The TimeCube Timer is not only an entertaining gadget, but it’s also a useful one. Software developers can be so involved in their work that hours can pass before they realize it. This timer is an innovative take on a traditional timer, and it looks sleek, too.

There are 5 different times that your giftee can set. They simply pick the time they want and turn the cube onto the side that displays that time.

On the sixth side of the cube is a countdown clock that knows which time they selected by the way the cube is rotated. The clock starts counting down the minutes. When it hits zero, it beeps.

To stop the beeping, your recipient just turns the cube to where the countdown clock is on the bottom. The simplicity of this timer makes it easy for a developer to turn the cube to the amount of time they want to stare at their screen before taking a break.

It will improve their productivity, and it costs only $14.49.

Lumina Smart Desk

Hot gadgets for software developers
Lumina Smart Desk in an office

At $1,500, the Lumina Smart Desk is an expensive gadget, but it’s one that any programmer will love because it puts their apps literally at their fingertips. The desk’s surface is a display screen where your recipient can install their favorite apps, from checklists to social feeds to financial performance charts.

It’s like having their smartphone home screen on their desk. Even better, they can build and install their own apps on the desk, which is perfect for a software developer. It belongs on any list of hot gadgets for software developers.

And we’re not done yet! The entire surface of the smart desk is a wireless charger, so your giftee can set their phone, tablet, wireless earbuds, and more on the desk for charging.

The desk is designed with power in mind, so there are plenty of outlets and ports. It also keeps your developer moving with its programmable standing schedules, so they don’t sit for long periods.

Binary Matrix Wrist Watch

Who doesn’t enjoy sporting a conversation piece as a watch? A Binary Matrix Wrist Watch will get people talking because most people won’t be able to tell time on it, but your favorite programmer will.

They will enjoy looking like a spy for the Matrix when they’re wearing this stylish stainless steel watch that could display a secret message that only certain people can decipher. At about $19.99, it gives you the look of a much more expensive timepiece.

Another gadget that will increase any software developer’s productivity is the $159 MSI Liberator QuickTap Foot Pedal. This device has 3 programmable buttons that your giftee can operate by foot.

That way, they don’t have to stop coding with their hands to insert a semicolon, other characters, or a macro. It’s a brilliant way to take advantage of another appendage that isn’t really doing anything while they work on a computer.

And when your programmer takes a break from coding, they can use the foot pedal for gaming purposes, which allows them to dominate their competition. They can even link their comms to the foot pedal and simply push a button to talk to others online.

This solidly built device has a 100 ms lag time, which means it’s lightning fast. With 3 appendages working at once instead of just 2, their productivity will soar!

Digital Wall Display

24″ Digital wall display on a green background

Software developers can never have too much tech, and this 24″ Digital Wall Display starts their days off right. It’s a fully customizable digital calendar that operates on DAKboard and allows them to display their calendar from Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook, and other online calendars.

They’ll never miss another appointment with the easy visibility of this wall-mounted monitor. They can have it display their start and end times, long descriptions, and more.

It’s also a nice way for your developer to display photographs either on one side of the calendar, as the calendar’s background, or as a slideshow when the calendar isn’t on display. With its hardwood frame (available in walnut, maple, white oak, or custom), this stunning wall display starts at $899 and looks fantastic with any decor. It takes technology to an artistic level.

Abacus Keyboard Computer

We’re not sure why it took this long to create a computer within a keyboard, but it’s here now, and it’s amazing! The $149 Abacus Keyboard Computer is a complete personal computer inside a keyboard.

All your giftee has to do is plug it into any monitor or television, and they’ll have the entire internet at their disposal, along with any file they’ve stored on the internal hard drive. The $149 gadget comes with Windows 10 preinstalled along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a Quadcore processor, and LPDDR3 RAM.

Whether your programmer wants to code or sit back and binge a little Netflix, this compact, lightweight keyboard computer makes any task simple and accessible, as long as there’s a monitor nearby. It’s one of our favorite hot gadgets for software developers.

SideTrak New Swivel Attachable Portable Monitor for Laptop

SideTrak New Swivel in use

There’s nothing worse for a software developer who’s used to working from 3 monitors, suddenly finding themselves relying on a single laptop screen. Well, the $699 SideTrak New Swivel Attachable Portable Monitor for Laptop can turn any laptop into a 3-monitor, high-productivity machine.

And, want to know the best part? It runs off the laptop’s battery, so they don’t have to find additional outlets for monitor plugs.


Any of the gadgets listed here is sure to please your hard-to-buy-for computer programmer. And they’ll be grateful for the thoughtfulness you put into finding the perfect gift for them.

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