Hear any sounds at home, wherever you are, with this smart home monitor

The Earzz smart home monitor recognizes and alerts you about sounds like a car engine, a baby’s cry, and smashing glass.

Get alerts for sounds around the house—whether it’s a broken window or a crying baby—with Earzz. This innovative smart home monitor listens for the sounds that are important to you and sends notifications.

Want to do some laundry while the baby naps upstairs? Maybe you’d like to know when your dog barks. The Earzz multi-purpose smart home monitor can alert you to those things wherever you are.

Featured on Advancements with Ted Danson, this product uses innovative technology to recognize an expansive and growing list of sounds, giving you peace of mind whether traveling out of the country or running on the treadmill.

Earzz in a video

Offers a listening ear for household sounds

You can’t be in all corners of your house at once. Or can you? The Earzz gives you an ear in every room, making it great solution for when you’re working outdoors or while you’re on a trip and a window breaks.

Earzz says its smart home gadget is always listening for sounds you want notifications for and that its list of recognized household sounds is constantly growing. Let’s check them out.

Alerts you to sounds in the kitchen/utility.

The kitchen/utility area is a busy place. This innovative smart home monitor ensures you can always get notifications about what’s happening in this critical area of the house.

It can alert you about appliance beeps, running water, and smoke alarms. Even latches, whistles, and fire register on this home security gadget.

Earzz app on a phone

Gives peace of mind to parents and pet parents

Any parent or pet parent can appreciate tech helps them better care for their little one. With the Earzz, caregivers can get immediate alerts about a baby’s cough or cry or if a baby gate opens and closes.

The pet features include alerts for if your dog barks or if your cat meows. It can also hear opening/closing cat flaps and dog doors.

It provides a versatile monitor design

Are you tired of toggling between apps to access your baby monitor and home security gadgets? With the Earzz, you can track multiple sounds with just one monitor.

Then, you can choose what sounds you want notifications for and when and how you want to be alerted about them. This gives you flexibility and the freedom to focus on the sounds that matter.

Delivers simple setup

Don’t want to spend all Saturday afternoon setting up a new smart home gadget? You won’t have to with the Earzz. It’s easy to set up and use.

All you have to do is place your Earzz devices where you want to track sounds. So in the kitchen, nursery, by the front door, etc.

Then, connect to the Earzz App and choose what sounds you want your monitors to listen for. You’ll then get instant alerts about those sounds while you’re out and about.

Uses AI that evolves

What’s more, this innovative smart home monitor gets better with use. That’s thanks to its patent-pending AI that learns from your feedback.

The company understands that the sounds with which it has trained the models might differ from what it hears in your home. For that reason, it has included the framework to help algorithms improve using your feedback.

It gets more accurate over time after hearing specific sounds in your home.

Works with both iOS & Android devices

No matter what devices you use, they’ll work with the Earzz. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices so that you can connect to your iPhone, iPad, and tablet without any issues.

Lets you choose how and when you get notified

How you get notified is extremely important if you need to take action in response to a sound. For that reason, the Earzz monitors offer notification customization features to ensure you get alerts how and when you need them.

For example, you can choose which devices you want to receive alerts. You also get options for pausing notifications, choosing device tones/vibrations, and dealing with repeating sounds.

Allows you to connect multiple Earzz monitors

Need to track sound in more than one area of your home? Don’t worry; you can connect several Earzz monitors to the app and set them around the house.

Just choose the sounds you want the monitors to listen for. Then, you can relax knowing that you’ll hear any important sound.

Get sound notifications, not conversations

Meanwhile, this innovative smart home monitor takes your and your family’s privacy seriously. For that reason, the Earzz AI recognizes only sound, not speech.

This way, your conversations stay private. Furthermore, the company says it doesn’t store raw audio data once processing is finished.

Then, all Earzz devices have Industry Standard Secure boot to ensure they only run genuine Earzz firmware.

This, in addition to other security protocols, safeguards your privacy and security while using the product.

Lets you monitor your home discreetly

Get an enhanced sense of sound at your home, without eavesdropping on anyone’s conversations, with the Earzz.

This helpful home sensor sets up quickly and is super customizable, letting you choose precisely what you want it to listen for and how you want to receive notifications.

Add it to your home for alerts about sound, no matter where you are. You can preorder the Earzz for $67.07 on the official website.

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