HBO Max Will Give You a 1-Year Subscription for 40% Off

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HBO Max is undergoing a few changes under its new ownership by Warner Bros Discovery. Even though that hasn’t been all good news, there’s now at least one change to be excited about — a massive deal on a 1-year subscription.

The streaming service HBO Max is currently priced at $9.99 per month in the United States, and there’s a $14.99/month option for no advertisements. The more expensive option also adds 4K playback and the ability to download content for offline playback. HBO’s new promotion will give you the base plan priced for one year at $69.99, or the ad-free plan at $104.99. However, after the first year, the pricing reverts to normal.

The discount comes out to a savings of 42% for the base plan, when compared to the regular monthly price for a full year, and the year of ad-free HBO Max is around 41% off. It’s not clear if existing HBO Max subscribers can take advantage of the offer. Either way, that’s a great deal if you can commit to a full year.

The only catch is that it’s not clear what content will be available on HBO Max in a year’s time, or even a few months from now. Warner Bros Discovery is overhauling the service ahead of a merger with Discovery+ in 2023, which has already led to cancelling the Batgirl film planned for release on HBO Max, and removing less-popular shows and movies from the service.

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