Hazel Quinn slow juicer has a patented truly filter-free design for easy cleaning

Cleaning the Hazel Quinn slow juicer is so easy thanks to its patented filter-free design. Without a sharp, porous strainer, it’s not only safe to use but also easy to keep clean. In fact, its bladeless design and fine grinding technique is a result of its customized auger. Made with a retro look, it provides era-inspired design for a stylish kitchen. Additionally, it offers one-button assembly and disassembly. Simply press the button on the base to do so. Moreover, its 2 retaining accessories at both ends ensure it doesn’t wobble and is incredibly durable. Furthermore, keep your countertops nice and clean by rotating the antidrip nozzle, which blocks the juice outlet. Streamlining the process of juicing, Hazel Quinn lets you enjoy the best nature has to offer while minimizing oxidation in your juice. Finally, you can have a sleek-looking juicer that’s easy to use and clean!

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