hardgraft Bear Hug iPhone 14 Pro Case has no side seams and snugly holds your phone

Give your iPhone 14 a snug and stylish cover: the hardgraft Bear Hug iPhone 14 Pro Case. This iPhone 14 case is beautifully handmade from Italian materials. It also comes in 2 varieties: classic and vegan. Thanks to having no side seams, this iPhone case offers a snug fit for your phone. Additionally, the phone case is accessible thanks to the opening on both sides. In fact, the case comes in a design with snap pushbuttons that do not touch your phone. There is also the leather material, which ages beautifully over time. The case looks great as the bear hug design simply makes the snug fit even more beautiful. For the vegan version, the case has an embossing with the famous Italian Saffiano cross-hatch. This gives the material a high-end finish and luxury texture.

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