Groove Wallet slim wallet with money clip has a sleek durable aluminum alloy construction

Take your EDC gear up a notch when you have the Groove Wallet slim wallet with money clip. With a sleek and minimalist design, it has an ultra-durable construction thanks to the aluminum alloy material. Moreover, it can fan out up to 6 cards with a quick motion of your thumb. Its low-profile aesthetic blocks RFID, so it offers function, style, and security all in one. The thin body measures less than 8.5 mm thick, and the precision-machined aluminum alloy pairs with silicone bumpers. These ensure cards don’t slide back down once you fan them out. Furthermore, its mechanical card arm keeps the cards secure once you slip them back into place. It also has a strong, detachable black anodized money clip. This gives you the flexibility of holding up to 10 folded bills without losing its minimalist feel.

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