Google Pixel Tablet pairs with a Charging Speaker Dock to give you even more features

Add on to your portfolio of Pixel devices when you go for the Google Pixel Tablet. This new addition to Google’s suite of products works with a Charging Speaker Dock. Designed specifically for at-home use—where you likely keep your tablet the majority of the time—the dock improves use at home. It keeps your tablet fully charged so it’s ready to go when you are. If you want to watch a YouTube video for your next DIY project or recipe, you can hear it clearly. Or perhaps you want to video chat with family or friends—the speaker helps with that, too. Crafted with the Tensor T2 chip, just like the Pixel 7 smartphones, it boasts advanced machine learning as well as intelligent features. With a suite of features built in as well as connected in the Pixel series, this is a useful gadget whether you take it out with you or use it at home.

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