Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Core portable power station has 7 different ports & 60W USB-C PD

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Maintain power on the go when you have the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Core portable power station. Boasting 7 different port options, it even has a fast-charging 60-watt USB-C power delivery. In fact, it has multiple USB-A ports, a regulated 12-volt port, and 2 120-volt AC ports. Furthermore, with a capable 1,200-watt inverter that delivers 2,400 watts of surge power, it can handle everything from small appliances to large devices that need a lot of power. So it’ll take care of your blenders, laptops, and more. Then, recharge it in multiple ways. One option is using the included 120-watt power supply plugs in the 8 mm charging port. Doing that takes only 9 hours, while the 230-watt power supply option that’s sold separately takes only 4.5 hours.


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