Get a New Kindle for Only $45 Today (50% Off)

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Amazon sells a few different Kindle eReaders, with the base model Kindle serving as a great entry point. Now you can pick one up for just $44.99 during Prime Day.

The base model Kindle has a 6-inch 167 ppi (pixels per inch) e-ink screen, which mimics the look of ink on paper rather than the LCD or AMOLED screens we usually see on electronics. The battery usually lasts a few weeks on a single charge, like most eReaders, and there’s 8GB of internal storage (which can store thousands of books).

Even though this is the cheapest Kindle that Amazon sells, it does have a few extra features. There’s a backlight you can turn on or off for night reading, as well as Bluetooth audio connectivity for listening to audiobooks from Audible.

If you’re looking to upgrade from a much older Kindle, or you want to dive into the world of eBooks for the first time, this is a great buy for $44.99. It has dropped to $59.99 more than a few times, but a 50% discount is more uncommon. The only catch is that you need an Amazon Prime subscription to get the savings.

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