GE Profile Top Load 900 smart washing machine series features Alexa for personalization

Make doing the laundry more exciting with the GE Profile Top Load 900 smart washing machine series. With Alexa built in, these smart appliances allow you to dance to your favorite song, check the weather, and more. Simply ask Alexa to identify stains like deodorant, chocolate and more. You can even set a personalized clean cycle with specific care instructions or stain removal requests. Moreover, this smart washing machine series includes Enhanced Smarter Wash technology for a stronger, fresher clean every time. In fact, with this technology, you can select the desired power and care for your garments. Additionally, consider Smart Wash and Smart Rinse to minimize wash times and protect delicate fabrics. Finally, the Smart Dispense feature lets you scan your detergent type into the SmartHQ app, and the laundry unit will dispense the exact amount of detergent required per load.

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