GB news: Guest slams ‘impossible’ bid for Brexit Britain to rejoin single market

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The Mayor of London made his case after reports revealed that the EU has dealt a multi-million-pound blow to UK trade. His comments also came after the Government won a Commons vote on the Northern Ireland Bill, authorising a second reading on legislation to alter the Brexit deal concerning Northern Ireland.

Speaking to Mark Dolan on GB News on Wednesday night, Journalist Ms Platell said: “That is not a possibility.

“We can’t re-enter the single market, it’s completely impossible.

“You have to accept the decision, there is no re-entering the single market.

“Why do you even talk about re-entering the single market? This cannot happen.”

Her comment came after the show’s host Mr Dolan asked her: “The bottom line is, if we enter the single market, the economy would get a boost. It would fix the current tensions.”

Re-entering the single market means the fluidity between the Republic of Ireland’s border, a single market member, and the UK’s border, could be compromised.

The protocol will come under scrutiny in the coming weeks and Boris Johnson’s goal to override parts of the Northern Ireland agreement, which details post-Brexit trade first set out in 2018, is ever closer

Meanwhile, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has dismissed a return to the single market and said his party is not nationally advocating to rejoin.

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