GB News: ‘Blunt lie!’ Rwanda-based analyst blasts speculation over LGBTQ rights in country

Appearing on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight show, Mr Rudatsimburwa explained that the Rwanda genocide of the mid-1990s is a painful scar today. He told host Patrick Christys: “You have a rebirth of a nation because the biggest problem we’ve ever had, this genocide, was about dehumanising human beings.

“So that’s exactly what you wouldn’t have in Rwanda today.”

Mr Christys then asked: “Every single day, I hear that if I was a gay person and I went to Rwanda, I might be persecuted. Is that true?”

Laughing, Mr Rudatsimburwa replied: “No! It’s a blunt lie.

“Rwanda is not just safe, it’s peaceful.”

It comes after GB News viewers made it clear that they want the UK to leave the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The ECHR sparked arguably unprecedented backlash to a legal ruling of its type after judges issued 11th-hour injunctions that prevented migrants from boarding a plane that had been scheduled for Rwanda.

The first flight due to take asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda was cancelled minutes before take-off after legal rulings on Tuesday evening.

Up to seven people had been expected to be removed to the east African country.

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Lawyers representing migrants were “abetting the work of criminal gangs”, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He insisted the Government would not be deterred from its policy, despite criticism from the Church of England and, reportedly, Prince Charles.

Mr Johnson acknowledged there had been criticism of the plan from “some slightly unexpected quarters” but highlighted the legal profession as the main source of opposition.

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