Garmin Tacx NEO Bike Plus smart bike trainer has realistic road feel & simulated gradients

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Enjoy the effect of the outdoor world while exercising indoors on the Garmin Tacx NEO Bike Plus smart bike trainer. This trainer actually offers a realistic road feel and simulated gradients. Additionally, the Tacx Training smart-device app makes the process of training effortless and easy. It also comes with easy customization to match your outdoor bike fit. In fact, with the Tacx Training app, you can easily make the trainer vibrate and simulate the feeling of riding on different road surfaces. These could be any surface such as cobblestone or gravel. You can also tap the shifters to change gears with the precision and feel of electronic shifting. Along with an accurate picture of your performance and progress with reliable, consistent measurements, this bike trainer makes exercising at home super fun and reliable.

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