Garmin Bounce kids’ smartwatch inspires children to stay active & has location tracking

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Inspire your kids to stay active without losing your eyes on them with the Garmin Bounce kids’ smartwatch. This smartwatch comes with features such as two-way text and voice messaging via the Garmin Jr. app on your phone. Additionally, the smartwatch will allow you to always keep up with real-time location tracking. If you go with an active subscription plan and LTE connectivity, the process becomes even easier. In fact, it also tracks steps, sleep, activity and more. With real-time location tracking, you can easily keep a check on your child’s whereabouts without worrying about your phone provider networks. There’s also the option for your child to “check in” at their location, which sends a notification to the Garmin Jr. app. Available in 3 colors, this is undoubtedly going to add more power to your child’s wrist.


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