Fuzelo Metaverse Yoga/Pilates Total Body Gym brings the future of home exercising

Get a workout unlike any other with the Metaverse patented Multi-Upper & Lower-Body Resistance Gym. Infrared lab-tested and AI-powered, it combines exercises for yoga and Pilates. So it provides multiple total-body workouts. Additionally, Fuzelo AI provides simple health metrics and exercise tracking. It also allows you to experience adventures in the metaverse and travel everywhere from the Himalayas to Tibet, Egypt to India, and more. On the Fuzelo Metaverse app, you’ll get access to workouts for beginners and advanced users. In fact, you can choose from instructor adventures that range from 9 to 20 minutes long. Overall, you’ll experience a totally new world of workouts, so you can both have fun and achieve results in half the time. Using the latest in Unity gaming technology, it works with your television, phone, or VR headset.

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