‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’ Preview: Emelye & Reid Admit They’re ‘Scared’ For Ilan

Forever Summer: Hamptons premieres July 15 on Prime Video, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE first look at the drama that’s about to go down. The preview features Reid talking to Emelye about how Ilan was talking to him at work. Apparently, Ilan had some thoughts about what he thinks went down at the bonfire.

Reid tells Emelye that Ilan is “thinking you might be interested” in him. The thing is, Emelye is very taken. She’s currently in a relationship with Hunter.

Forever Summer
Reid brings up gossip to Emelye about Ilan. (Prime Video)

Emelye is stunned by the gossip. She stresses that there is nothing going on with Ilan. Reid admits that’s not all Ilan talked about. “He didn’t have the fondest idea of Hunter either,” Reid reveals.

Reid mentions that Ilan brought up that he saw Emelye and Hunter fighting. Emelye says it’s “obvious” that she doesn’t “give a f**k about anyone else” but Hunter. Emelye wants to call Ilan and put him on blast for what he said.

She decides to give Hunter a call to tell him about the Ilan drama. Reid is the one to dish that Ilan doesn’t really like Hunter and that he thought Emelye was into him.

“Tell him I’ll make him swallow his teeth,” Hunter says over the phone. He adds, “I’ll deal with it. I’m just beat his ass if it comes to it. I’ll literally bully this kid if you’re not f**kin’ around.”

Reid admits he’s ‘scared’ for Ilan. (Prime Video)

After they get off the phone with Hunter, Emelye says she’s actually “scared” for Ilan. “He’s literally gonna beat his ass,” she says. Both Reid and Emelye are scared about what might go down between Hunter and Ilan.

Forever Summer: Hamptons is a coming-of-age docusoap, set against the idyllic backdrop of the Hamptons, about a group of college kids from widely different backgrounds, from wealthy New York City kids who descend for the summer, to the humble townies. All 8 episodes will be available on Prime Video on July 15.

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