ForCatCare purring electric toothbrush for cats removes plaque buildup & improves health

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Make sure your furry friend is as healthy as possible with the ForCatCare purring electric toothbrush for cats. A toothbrush that kitties will love, it can remove plaque and improve your feline’s oral health care. This has a huge impact on your cat’s health! Promoting prevention instead of treatment, this toothbrush uses a vibrating technology that sounds like a cat purring. So, when cats use this toothbrush, they feel relaxed and content. Crafted with safe silicone bristles and a toothbrush head, it is gentle on the gums. Not only that, but it’s also easy for you to 100% sterilize it with boiling water. This eliminates the risk of infection caused by contaminated toothbrushes. Effective in taking care of cats’ gums, it not only cleans the residue in the mouth but also relieves gum inflammation. Finally, it even regenerates the gums by shaking the periodontal pocket.

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