FluentPet Connect smart pet communicator will let your dog text you when necessary

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Never miss a message or milestone of your pet with the FluentPet Connect smart pet communicator. By tracking when and how often they press a specific combination of buttons, this smart pet communicator will help you decipher what they’re trying to say. There are three steps you need to follow to go through the process. At first, the Connect Base attaches to the compact HexTiles that hold 6 buttons each. With a range of colors for word categorization, your Connect soundboard can easily expand as your learner progresses. Next, the Connect Buttons link wirelessly to the Connect Base, which plays words or sounds when your pup presses each button. In fact, you can connect over 100 buttons to the Base. Most importantly, every button press is captured through the FluentPet App so you can closely track your learner’s progress.

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