Filter Optix premium blue light glasses provide you with better sleep and health

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Filter Optix offers premium blue light glasses designed and developed in Norway. The benefits of the clear and yellow computer blue light glasses are that they reduce eye strain, prevent headaches and migraines, relax your eyes and mind, reduce stress, and provide better sleep. The benefits of the orange and red blue light glasses are improved sleep quality, eliminated sleep problems, increased melatonin levels, optimized circadian rhythm, and enhanced mood and well-being. These glasses effectively filter out harmful artificial blue light from digital devices and LEDs. The lenses have an advanced multilayer coating that make them scratch resistant, grease resistant, super-hydrophobic, anti-static, and anti-reflective. These glasses are handmade with exclusive, high-quality materials. The company carefully sources eco-friendly and biodegradable acetate. Select between 4 different lens colors that use cutting-edge technology for better sleep and health. They are available in non-prescription, prescription, and readers.

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