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FBI search President Biden’s home in Delaware

The Justice Department search of Joe Biden’s vacation home adds one more twist to a classified documents saga that has stretched on for nearly a month now and includes a special counsel overseeing the inquiry. The FBI move could reveal how forthcoming and thorough the Biden team has been in reviewing the documents stored on Mr Biden’s personal property. Up until this latest government search, the Biden lawyers have been conducting their own review of the president’s personal residences without government investigators looking over their shoulders. While they found classified material at the president’s Wilmington home, they have said that there were no such documents found at the president’s beach house. If the FBI finds such material, it will add fuel to the assertions by Mr Biden’s critics that there is more to this story than the president’s team is letting on.At the very least, the search will help quell some of the concerns expressed by Republicans that the government is holding Mr Biden to a lower level of scrutiny and suspicion than Donald Trump, who had his Mar-a-Lago estate searched by the FBI last August. When Mr Biden’s lawyers first revealed they had found classified material at his home and personal office, the former president, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and other conservatives openly wondered why the current president wasn’t targeted by government investigators as well.Now, however, Mr Biden’s defenders are pointing out that multiple Biden properties have been searched, but there is no indication that the FBI has investigated Mr Trump’s New Jersey and New York homes.

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