Evolve Kamado Prime Series The Beauty & The Beast grills feature matte & glossy finishes

Tackle all your barbecue needs when you have one of the Evolve Kamado Prime Series BBQ grills. The collection includes 2 models: The Beauty with a glossy exterior and The Beast with a matte finish, which doesn’t generate crazing or a spiderweb-like surface. And you’ll love their unique square diamond top cut pattern that truly elevates the look. Moreover, their 2-zone cooking grid system cooks your meal the right way every time. Offering customization and accessories, these grills give you all the features you didn’t know you needed. You’ll become a master chef at home when you have a Prime Series BBQ, which lets you create restaurant-level masterpieces. You can lift the dome up with just one finger thanks to its integrated anti-gravity system—and they stay open at every angle. Finally, they have black-glazed deflectors, a lifetime warranty on ceramic parts, and a top air vent for temperature control.

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