Empire State Building trolls New York Giants and Jets

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The Philadelphia Eagles celebrate beating the San Francisco 49ers
The Philadelphia Eagles last won the Super Bowl in 2017

“Embarrassed,” “angry” and “upset King Kong didn’t finish the job” – just some of the emotions New Yorker’s felt when they saw their prized Empire State building emblazoned in green and white.

The fierce reaction came in response to the Big Apple’s iconic skyscraper marking the Philadelphia Eagles’ 31-7 victory over the San Francisco 49ers to win the NFC title on Sunday night.

For a city that has two NFL teams, the Giants and New York Jets, the locals were left livid as the colours of their east coast rivals lit up the skyline.

It wasn’t long before they trolled the Empire State Building’s official Twitter account to make their feelings known.

Tweet from Inside Hoops

Tweet saying "King Kong should have destroyed you"

New York City’s sanitation department stood up to the job and told the building what everyone else was thinking.

Empire state Building responding to a troll tweet with a video of someone sarcastically crying

Later the account’s admin wrote “That hurt us more than it hurt you” and decided to then celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’ win – who the Eagles will play in the Super Bowl final – by changing the colours to red and white.

There seems to be no rest for passionate New Yorkers as their anger grows.

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