Elevate your Sega Genesis / Mega Drive experiences with this pong-like arcade game

Want to play a new game on your Sega Genesis/Mega Drive? Check out Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery. It’s similar to Pong and is for 1 to 2 players.

Play a new game on your Sega Genesis: the Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery. It’s a Pong-like shooter game, but the paddle can move in 8 directions. Flashing colors and a retro-inspired soundtrack add to the fun.

Got an old Sega Genesis or another emulator at home? Well, if you love Sonic the Hedgehog games, NHL ’94, and Vectorman, there’s a new title you can add to your lineup. It’s called the Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery. A fun, edgy arcade experience, this game is a whole new take on a classic arcade game.

Experience a new kind of Pong

At first glance, you may think you recognize this game. Yes, there are paddles and a ball you have to deflect, but the similarities end there.

Actually, the Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery has its own storyline. Here it is: the year is 19849, and NEON powers most technology. Your objective is to fight it.

What do you fight it with? Your futuristic ship, the PADDLE. It moves in 8 directions and has firepower. But you’re not alone. Other pilots compete with you until one of you is victorious.

Check out the arcade gameplay

So how do you play? Score points for yourself by bouncing the ball onto your opponent’s side of the screen. Meanwhile, you can get weapons and a shield for when you spend points. You can even blast your opponent with lasers.

There’s also no maximum score, and the objective is to achieve the highest amount of points. The action is fast-paced and twitchy, full of neon light and sound-bumping action.

Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery
Sega Genesis with game cartridge (Image Credit: Joshua Doherty, Unsplash)

Play advanced and easy arcade modes

Meanwhile, this Pong-like shooter game lets you play according to your level with both easy and hard modes. So, if you’re a beginner, you can learn as you play through modified gameplay.

Then, more advanced players will feel challenged by the quicker speed of the advanced arcade mode. And, of course, it gives new players something to work toward.

Amp up the fun with other modes on this retro-inspired game

To increase the enjoyment, the Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery also has an endless survivor mode and versus modes to make solo and multiplayer games challenging yet enjoyable. There are also a bunch of gameplay modifiers you can change in the options.

For example, you can change speed, rules, and add or remove specific techniques. This gives you a certain level of customization over the game.

Fund the physical cartridges of this game for Sega Genesis

The Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery is already complete as a digital copy. The Kickstarter campaign hopes to fund physical game cartridges, which some players have asked for.

As a game cartridge, it would enhance the game’s retro feel, adding authenticity to any video game night with friends.

Get this shooter game’s digital ROM

This Pong-like shooter game is also available as a digital ROM. It lets you play the file on anything that runs the correct emulator. Otherwise, you can copy it onto a flashcart and play it that way.

Order the physical USB

Maybe you want physical media but don’t own a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. No worries, the customized, collectible USB key comes preloaded with the ROM, giving you flexibility on other devices.

Play to the beat and pulsing light

Taking a design cues from the past, this Pong-like shooter game features pulsating neon styles and a colorful grid background. It feels just like playing a 90s video game.

Meanwhile, the soundtrack is super fun to hear while you’re playing. It combines sounds from classic games with newer reimagined beats and modern electronic notes.

Grab this fun game for your collection

If it’s been a while since you played on your Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, then it’s time to dust it off. The Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery is a wonderful new take on Pong, heightening the challenge—and fun—with its modes, bright graphics, and sound.

If you love retro games and want to try a new take on one, the Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery is worth buying. Preorder the physical cartridge for $40 on Kickstarter.

What are your favorite retro games? Tell us in the comment section!

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