EDCEST everyday carry knife is designed to be worn on a watch strap for accessibility

Keep your knife closer than ever with the EDCEST everyday carry knife. Providing incredible portability and accessibility, this tiny knife is one you can wear on your watch strap. With a patent-pending design, it has specific models for Apple Watch straps and the Gshock 5600/5700 strap. However, it also comes in general sizes of 20 mm, 22 mm, and 24 mm. Crafted with a 3D-printing process with a selective laser sintering 3D printer, it uses minimal materials and has a super light weight. Additionally, its flexible yet robust sheath goes through mechanical polishing for a smooth surface. Then, choose from a Magnacut blade—heat treated at 63HRC in the US—or a stainless steel blade. Install it easily on your watch strap by simply sliding the sheath on. And it’ll stay securely in place. Finally, just lift the knife while pressing the thumb rest to remove it.

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