EcoTroff LED troffer system uses LED bulbs to end the cycle of single-use lights

Say goodbye to single-use troffers and hello to EcoTroff by ILT. The only troffer that operates with bulbs, it lasts a lifetime so you never have to replace the troffer again. What’s a troffer? It’s an incredibly common light fixture—the square or rectangular lights you see in warehouses and offices that often house fluorescent tubes. With a maintenance-free design, EcoTroff reduces professional fees and installs with ease. Moreover, this device can be DC-operable for emergency lighting, solar, off-grid, and other situations. Not only that, but it also can be interoperable with smart systems, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. Its fully-patented design includes a light amplifier that achieves full brightness of any bulb to save even more energy. The only thing that limits you is the bulb you choose for full control of your lighting. Overall, you can think of EcoTroff as your forever light.

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