EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power station has a 3.6 kWh capacity that expands up to 25 kWh

Back up your home with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power station. Not only does it support a whopping 3.6 kWh capacity, but it can also expand all the way up to 25 kWh. So you’re covered even in days-long blackouts. Plus, using the Smart Home Panel, you can easily integrate up to 2 units with 10 home circuits. This connects it with batteries, solar panels, smart generators, and more—just another way to keep you going without power from the grid. Furthermore, you can control it all via the EcoFlow app, giving you convenience. Moreover, its 3,600 watts of AC output powers even dryers, AC units, and other large appliances. Charge it in 6 ways: AC, solar, EV, 240V outlets, wall outlets, and a smart generator. Or combine multiple charging methods to reach up to a 6,500-watt charge!

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