EcoKatch contactless bathtub hair catcher offers a simple and clean way to remove hair

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Keeping your bathroom drain clean is necessary, but you won’t enjoy doing it until you have the EcoKatch contactless bathtub hair catcher. With a simple unibody design made entirely of food-grade silicone, it offers durability use after use. Moreover, it functions in a clean way, offering a touch-free method of removing hair from drains—something you can definitely appreciate. Designed to fit in any standard bathtub, it offers unlimited use again and again! Rather than using your hand to clean collected hairs, simply use EcoKatch. With this gadget, simply pull apart both sides to loosen and release the hairs into your garbage can. Voilà! With this product, a once-terrible task is so much easier, a ton cleaner, and a lot quicker.


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