Earzz multipurpose smart home monitor alerts you for sounds at home, wherever you are

Earzz is a smart home monitor that always listens for the sounds you want, especially when you can’t! This intelligent home companion hears things like a breaking window, a fire alarm, a crying baby, a knock, and more. Simply place your Earzz where you want it and then choose any sounds to get alerted for. It’s easy to choose from the expansive and ever-growing sound catalogue in the iOS and Android Earzz app. Then, you receive instant alerts on your smartphone, watch, or tablet when it hears your chosen sounds! Moreover, its patent-pending sound recognition AI learns with your feedback, and it listens to only sounds, not speech, for privacy protection. Finally, it packs the convenience of many of today’s smart home monitors into a single device that fits in the palm of your hand.

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