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Dropbox to Finally Release macOS App With a Fix for Online-Only Files

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When Apple released macOS 12.3 Monterey earlier this year, some depreciated kernel extensions killed select features of apps like Dropbox and OneDrive. For example, Dropbox users cannot open online-only files in its dedicated app. That’s a problem, but a fix is finally on the way.

This week we received good and bad news regarding Dropbox’s macOS support. A company representative shared an update on the situation on the Dropbox forum, saying a public beta of the new Mac desktop app with full support for macOS Monterey is on the way. Here’s part of the statement:

“A public beta for full support of macOS will be available in early Q4. For now, you can still double-click to open files in Finder. Everything else is working as usual.” 

So what’s the bad news? Well, it looks like the Dropbox beta app isn’t available yet, and it’s not coming out until sometime in Q4. While this might not be a huge issue for every Dropbox user, for many, it’s too little too late. Considering macOS 12.3 arrived in March, we’ve waited nearly six months for a fix, and it’s still not here yet.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first significant problem between the two. In January, Dropbox released a beta app supporting Apple’s native silicon, which arrived later than many wanted. Either way, this is good news for Dropbox users struggling to use many features on the latest macOS release.

via MacRumors

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