Dr. AirPick air purifier & deodorizer cleanses the air you breathe & deodorizes the stench

Breathing seems like a simple act, but not when the air smells or contains harmful bacteria. Change all that with the Dr. AirPick air purifier & deodorizer, which freshens the air you breathe. Making your surroundings more comfortable, it improves the quality of the air all around you. Made with unique Apick technology, it went through multiple tests and achieves 99% sterilization against bacteria. This positively impacts not only your health but also your environment. Additionally, it helps keep your food fresh and prevent the growth of mold. Able to remove smog, dust, pollen, allergic particles, and smoke in a space, so it can help those with allergies. Able to reduce stench levels to zero quickly, it helps mitigate smells from food waste, pet odors, and daily life. Overall, its unique technology works alongside its carbon multi-composite filter, Zeus radical generator, and plasma deodorizer to lower the stink in a space.

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