Dorinda Medley Excoriates Vicki Gunvalson Over Anti-Vaxx Conspiracy Theories

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Last year, we reported that Vicki Gunvalson had been filmed ranting against vaccinations.

Now, with the premiere of Season 2 of Ultimate Girls Trip, we can see the cringeworthy action for ourselves.

Vicki stunned some of her castmates with her lack of vaccination, and was just weeks into recovery from COVID-19.

Dorinda Medley, who played host for the season, tried to talk some sense into Vicki — to no avail.

The first episode of this season of Ultimate Girls Trip was mostly just fun and introductions.

Someone please tell Brandi Glanville that, yes, the Incredible Hulk does have a penis.

She can find many artistic renderings online. Just saying.

One spectacular moment included Dorinda Medley getting downright flirtatious with Phaedra Parks.

Dorinda had already raised some eyebrows by being a “cracker” — fishing the meat out of her seafood.

But when she came over and hand-fed Phaedra, Phaedra’s reaction had viewers cracking up.

That 11-second clip will live in our minds for years to come.

Meanwhile, Taylor Armstrong and Taylor have some longstanding issues stemming from Taylor’s tragic story of abuse.

Brandi seemed to shade her for writing a book after her abusive husband’s suicide, and Taylor was understandably hurt.

Vicki and Dorinda were getting along famously at first.

Dorinda did enjoy poking fun at Vicki referring to her now-ex’s “wee wee,” but it was all in good fun.

When Vicki began speaking about her health and her daily aspirin dose, however, things took a turn.

COVID-19 has killed more than six million people worldwide. More than one million of them were Americans.

Vicki, however, says that she was “so happy I got it. It was the best thing ever.”

She admits that she had COVID just three weeks earlier.

When Eva Marcille says that she’s grateful to be vaccinated, Vicki throws a fit.

Spinning wild conspiracy theories, Vicki says to “follow the money,” suggesting that booster vaccines are part of an elaborate plot.

Vicki directly confirms that she is anti-vaxx.

Vicki’s revelation is nothing short of eye-opening for Phaedra Parks.

Suddenly the “congestion” and “sniffing and dripping” of which Vicki has been complaining is starting to make sense.

She had assumed that everyone there had taken the vaccine before filming, but Vicki claims that her deep-vein thrombosis makes her ineligible.

Dorinda Medley isn’t going to let Vicki’s unhinged nonsense go unchallenged.

While this shocks some of the ladies into silence, Dorinda lays into Vicki for being so foolish.

Dorinda is — like so many of us — mourning a friend who died from COVID.

In addition to shutting down Vicki’s conspiracy nut stuff, Dorinda points out that this is not political.

She’s right — some things, like medicine and human rights, are not political, but people politicize them anyway.

Meanwhile, Tamra just wishes that the topic — one that caused a rift between Vicki and her own son — hadn’t come up.

You know, a lot of the time, reality TV fans need to remember that there’s no “good guy” and “bad guy.”

Vicki and Kelly Dodd would fight all of the time, with one or the other being right, but neither were the “good guy.”

Neither of them are actually good people. That’s often the case with reality stars.

In this case, however, Dorinda Medley is simply … right.

The good news is that Vicki has mellowed out (allegedly) since filming this season.

But she was clearly just one of those people whose brain broke a little during the pandemic. It happens.


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