Dodge’s New Electric Charger SRT Concept Literally Sounds Wild

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Dodge Charger Daytona SRT electric concept

On Wednesday, Stellantis unveiled its first all-electric concept of the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT muscle car. The stunning two-door coupe has a retro yet futuristic look, aggressive styling, and sounds wild.

Wait, aren’t electric vehicles supposed to be nearly silent? Typically, yes, but this is a car from an iconic American muscle car manufacturer. As a result, it still has an exhaust, which emits insanely loud electric muscle car sounds that roars as loud as an SRT Hellcat.

In 2021, Dodge said that “performance made us do it,” confirming new electric muscle cars were on the way in 2024. Then, earlier this month, the company promised its next-gen Charger and Challenger would be all-electric. Now, we’re getting the first glimpse of what to expect, thanks to this Dodge Daytona SRT “Banshee” concept car.

You’ll want to watch the entire video below for a detailed look at the interior and exterior, but we’ve timestamped it so you can hear how this EV sounds.

I don’t know about you, but the new Dodge EV Charger gives me Knight Rider vibes. And for those old enough, it sounds incredibly similar to the 1984 Dodge M4S Pace Car used in the 1986 movie The Wraith and its electric vehicle.

Dodge clearly had a sound in mind. This Charger concept rumbles a little while it’s moving, but when the driver revs the engine, it roars like an electric cat. According to the company, the Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust can get as loud as 126 dB, matching that of the gas-powered SRT Hellcat.

The electric Charger concept comes with a neat new R-Wing design for improved aerodynamics, that crazy sound, and a multi-speed hybrid electric-mechanical “eRupt transmission” that’ll deliver shift points similar to a regular vehicle. This is a muscle car, and die-hard fans will want to feel those shifts as it rips down the road.

Remember that this is only a concept, and Dodge is likely testing out those sounds with potential buyers and fans. Things will probably change drastically between now and the 2024 release date. However, a spokesperson told TechCrunch that “it is very close to production,” suggesting the overall look, inside and out, could be close to the final product.

We know it’ll have a new 800V Banshee propulsion system that’s reportedly faster than the Hellcat, but that’s about it. There’s no mention of expected horsepower, range, pricing, or anything of that nature. At least not yet.

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