Dimenco SR Pro Display 32″ 8K monitor showcases 3D and spatial forms like never before

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Visualize any 3D and spatial form like never before with the Dimenco SR Pro Display 32″ 8K monitor. In fact, the display creates a sense of volume and depth that you can easily experience without any wearables. The SR Core eye-tracking technology uses vision sensors and face recognition algorithms, so you can experience spatial form content easily with this display. The spatial reality precision gives you a full look-around view of the 3D object from all angles. Additionally, the display also flaunts a resolution up to 8K at 60 fps. You can also easily switch between 2D and 3D views. Together with the simulated reality 3D technology, this display gives a natural presence to otherwise static and flat images. Finally, the breakthrough light field display can be experienced by all. 

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