Devoid of Hope: Chapter One Fearsome Foes Adventure Path brings sci-fi & horror to 5e

Enjoy a totally new science-fiction horror adventure for 5th edition, the Devoid of Hope: Chapter One Fearsome Foes Adventure Path. Inspired by Alien, The Thing, and Dead Space, it also provides the adventure and wonder you love in tabletop gaming. This combat-centric dungeon crawl through the U.E. Prospero, a ship lost in both space and time. It sees you clearing out a mysterious disease that has infested this vessel and uncovering how the disease came aboard in the first place. Overall, you’ll meet 10 brand new monsters and get 10 new magical items. Not only that, but there’s new feats as well as completely drawn out maps for encounters. With easy-to-follow descriptions of rooms throughout the ships, this adventure path includes detailed maps of the rooms. And it also has stats for everything encountered. Bring to life interesting and exciting NPCs, and guide—or mislead—your players along the way.

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