Demented Penguins weird snow globes are filled with original renditions of classic scenes

Gift yourself or a loved one the Demented Penguins weird snow globes. They’re a playful, fun twist filled with original creations of classic scenes with an awry perspective. Moreover, these fascinating snow globes come in 3 witty designs: Bambi’s Revenge, Pig’s Roast, and Horsing Around. The first presents Bambi holding a gun to a male character. Or consider a complete twist on the traditional whole hog with 2 pigs holding up a human on a stick. Finally, there’s Horsing Around—a snow globe with a human transporting a horse in a cart. Furthermore, hand-painted with a hand-sculpted resin base, they measure approximately 4″ by 4.5″. In fact, they’re the perfect size to display in your office or at home. Overall, ditch boring globes that aren’t humorous, and consider a non-traditional alternative.

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