D’Artisan Shoppe Minute Series XII paint brush set includes 12 incredible detail brushes

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Make all the details stand out when you have the D’Artisan Shoppe Minute Series XII paint brush set. This set of detailed paintbrushes includes 12 essentials. Plus, they come with a holder that makes them easy to take with you anywhere. If you paint scale models, these micro brushes will help you achieve the fine detail you need. Great for miniatures and detail painting, these professional brushes have ergonomic triangular handles. This makes sure you encounter less hand fatigue than when you use brushes with thin handles. Crafted with an ideal weight, they have a fine round point that maintains a precise shape. Additionally, their durable design includes a double crimp construction that doesn’t shed. Finally, the 7-layer UV-coated paint on the handles ensures they don’t flake paint!


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