7 Top Currency Exchangers in UAE

7 Top Currency Exchangers in UAE

Foreign exchanges or currency exchanges in the UAE are gaining popularity due to the constant influx of foreign nationals in the country for various activities. Dubai and other parts of the UAE also have a high expatriate volume when compared to any other city. In such cases, it is important to have reliable centers of money exchangers for people to sell, buy, and exchange their cheques into the local currency. There are many reliable foreign exchange firms in the country with branches in different locations. People usually prefer to use a big name in the foreign exchange industry so that the rates are constant and they can be assured of the best services as well.

7 Currency Exchangers in UAE

We have listed some of the popular exchanges in UAE for your reference. Let us take a look at them in brief. 

  • UAE Exchange

    UAE Exchange is one of the oldest offices of money exchangers in the country. The firm has been working in banking and exchange transactions since 1980. It has grown to be one of the biggest names in the business today in the UAE. UAE Exchange offers banking and exchange solutions for individual customers and companies as well. UAE Exchange’s services include money transfer within bank accounts, foreign exchange services, bill payments, and club memberships for customers and corporates. UAE Exchange offers some of the best exchange rates on foreign currencies for their expatriate clientele. 
  • Alfa Exchange

    Alfa Exchange is one of the most preferred money exchangers in the UAE. The company has been operational for the last ten years in the country with a great track record among clients. The firm is managed by top financial and management officials to provide the best platform for their client in all exchange related issues. Alfa Exchange works with small to medium scale businesses to support them in their business endeavors. Various services provided by Alfa exchange include banknote foreign exchange business, home remittance, commercial remittance, western union spot cash services, and import/export currency activities. Alfa Exchange offers the best exchange rates and services to all its customers. 
  • Index Exchange

    Index exchange also has close to 50 years of experience in the exchange and banking field. The firm is proud to offer some of the best exchange rates and customer service to all its clientele. The firm has vowed to provide technological interventions to the day-to-day exchange process so that the process is made smoother for their clients. You can avail many services from this firm such as remittances, foreign currency exchange, salary payments, and other utility bill payments as well. Index Exchange believes in transparency, so the currency exchange rates are posted on its website every day for its clients’ benefit. You can exchange any currency as per your convenience as the team is always available round the clock for you. 
  • Al Fuad Exchange

    Al Fuad Exchange started in the money exchanger business in 2000. Since then, they have been a valuable service provider to all customers and corporates. Al Fuad exchange provides transparent and efficient exchange services in all currencies helping the people of the UAE and expatriates carry on their business functions efficiently. You can expect the best from this firm in all banking and exchange related transactions. Al Fuad Exchange has eight branches in UAE located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Aweer, Naif, and Musaffah. 
  • Joyalukkas Exchange

    Joyalukkas s is a very popular brand in the Middle East and all over the world as well. Though they started in UAE, Joyalukkas is now spread across the GCC and the Indian subcontinent. Joyalukkas Exchange is the foreign currency exchange wing of the company. Joyalukkas Exchange provides many services such as money transfer or remittance, foreign exchange, and payroll solutions. With a designated department to handle all payment and foreign exchange queries, Joyalukkas Exchange is the favored company for all corporate companies in their currency exchange requirements. 
  • Day Exchange

    Day Exchange is a unique money exchanger in the business that understands the needs of the customers and provides customized currency exchange services to them. The firm has developed a vast network of agents and partners across the world to carry out instant money transfer and currency exchanges swiftly as per their client’s convenience. Day exchange provides instant telex money transfer services and instant money transfer services without any processing delay at the best exchange rates. The firm has introduced many innovative services such as Express money, U-remit, I-remit, BPI, and Cebuana to enable swift, easy, and affordable money transfer services for its clients. 
  • Al Fardan Exchange

    Security, trust, and technology are the pillars of any financial transaction. Especially when it comes to foreign exchange and currency-related transactions, Al Fardan Exchange has a wide experience and understanding of the market’s requirements. The firm has worked for the last 50 years to inculcate relationships with major banking and finance institutions in the Emirates. You will get the best of services at the best exchange rates from Al Fardan exchange due to their extensive market knowledge and partnerships. 


Foreign exchange firms are a vital part of Dubai’s economy. With many international companies having their offices in Dubai and a large number of expatriates working in the UAE, Foreign exchange businesses make everyone’s life easy. Due to the increasing number of companies in the UAE in this sector, customers also reap the benefits of the best exchange rates and customer service from all these firms.

Selecting the right currency exchange company might be difficult but, you must look at the feasibility of transactions, the number of branches, and other value-added services to identify the right firm for your requirements.