Curl your hair anytime, anywhere with this battery-operated hair styling tool

Tired of working around a wire while you curl your hair? Upgrade your beauty routine for the 2020s with this totally wire-free, portable hair styling gadget.

Get a classy, curled hairstyle anywhere with the Foxie Curler. This battery-operated hair styling tool is wireless and portable, so you can use it in the gym, car, or anywhere else for a fast, gentle styling treatment.

You love the look of curled hair, but if you’re dashing out to dinner after a post-office gym workout, you probably don’t want the hassle of plugging in a curling iron and waiting for it to heat up in a public space.

Then, there’s always the possibility that you’ll burn yourself or an unsuspecting lockerroom mate. But what if there was a hair styling tool that curled your hair quickly, treated your hair gently, and ran on batteries? Well, that would be quite a gadget.

Luckily, it already exists and it’s name is the Foxie Curler. It’s absolutely cordless, has a sleek design and, yes, styles your hair beautifully in different ways. Let’s check it out.

Enjoy wireless hairstyling freedom

While a wired curling iron is handy, it’s best for home use. And that’s fine, except that so many of us are on the go all day.

Think about it; if you work in an office, you most likely commute 1+ hours per day. Then, you’re at the office for another 8+ hours. Once you’re done for the day, maybe you’ll hit the gym and meet a friend for dinner.

There’s little time left for curling your hair in that kind of schedule. Likewise, if you’re a busy student, parent, or just one of those people who likes to fill every minute, you also might not have the time to style your hair as you wish.

Meanwhile, rolling your hair around a hot barrel is only made more difficult by the attached power cord. You have to keep moving it out of your way as you turn the iron. And then, you also have to keep pulling it along with you as you work your way around your head.

But the Foxie Curler puts an end to all that with its wireless design. Instead of plugging into a wall outlet, this beauty tool runs on a rechargeable battery.

This allows you to style your hair pretty much anywhere, including the gym, a restaurant, your office, even your car. And with the rechargeable design, you can power it anywhere in the world and you don’t have to keep rearranging a cord.

Stop burning yourself for beauty

Sure, a freshly-curled hairdo looks stylish and put together. But there’s always the chance you’ll seriously burn yourself or someone else in the process.

An electric curling iron’s barrel can become quite hot, leading to serious burns on you or a child or pet. There’s no reason to risk an injury just for beauty’s sake, and the creators of the Foxie Curler understand. Their battery-opperated hair styling tool is designed to prevent burns.

That’s right; this product won’t burn you the way an electric curling iron can thanks to its automatic hair rolling function. It actually rolls a strand of hair around an interior curling barrel, ensuring your skin never comes into contact with a heated surface.

And, since all the warming elements are inside the device, no one else around you will accidentally burn themselves on a hot iron.

Foxie Curler in a video

Style your hair gently with this hair tool

Hair health has been a trending beauty topic in recent years. However, you can’t get defined curls and romantic waves with exposing your hair to damaging heat.

Or can you? The Foxie Curler actually has a ceramic coating, gaurenteeing a gentle styling session. So you won’t have to expose your hair to hot metal to get gorgeous locks anymore.

This is a relief because who really wants to damage their hair? This gadget proves that you can look great while keeping your hair health in mind.

Style your hair in just 10 minutes with this curling tool

Tired of spending an hour or more curling your hair by hand? With this battery-opperated hair styling tool, you can actually curl your hair in just 10 minutes.

The Foxie curler warms in just 2 minutes, so the device is ready faster. Then, with the automatic hair rolling function, it pretty much automates hair curling, styling your hair in as little as 10 minutes.

Curl without the stress

What’s more, The Foxie Curler is simple to use. All you have to do is charge your curler, choose your preferred heat and time, then let it heat up. Next, you’ll select your curling options and put a strand of hair into the curler.

At that point, simply push the button and allow the curler to do its job. You’ll have beautifully curled hair in just minutes.

Create different hairstyles with any kind of hair

Meanwhile, the Foxie Curler lets you create a wide variety of hairstyles. Choose from loose, classy, playful, or tight curls—this curling device can create them all.

Then, whether your hair is fine, thick, wavy, or straight, this gadget will work with it. With 4 temperature and 6 time settings, you can customize your hair styling to your needs.

Carry the elegant design anywhere

Another downside of electric curling irons is their design. It’s unimaginitve, and, with its annoying cord, isn’t very travel-friendly.

The Foxie Curler, on the other hand, boasts a sleek, space-saving design and comes in 2 cool colorways—Pink/Grey and Gold/Black. It’s a beauty gadget you’ll be proud to use and show off.

Read our final thoughts

It’s time to modernize beauty routine with the Foxie Curler. This battery-opperated hair-styling tool eliminates the hassle of wires and danger of heat.

So, go ahead, curl your hair after your gym workout, in your car before you head into a restaurant, or in your office before a meeting; this gadget gives you flexibility and keeps your hair healthy.

Get the Foxie Curler for $149 on the official website.

What portable beauty gadgets do you own and love? Tell us about them in the comments.

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