CRYSTALLAR condiment set includes 3 stainless steel shakers and 1 concrete holder

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Accessorize your dining table with the unique CRYSTALLAR condiment set. Truly, you have never seen anything like this before. The set has a polygonal and crystal-like shaker design that draws inspiration from crystal clusters. In fact, when the 3 shakers sit on the base, they look like a cluster of crystals. Moreover the set results from special metalworking techniques. The shakers themselves use stainless steel SUS316 (SS18/10), and the base consists of cement. Together, these sustainable materials not only offer a modern look but also durability and no environmental harm. Add the 3 stainless steel shakers and concrete base to your table to start up a conversation with your next dinner guests. With a minimalist design, this piece is ideal for all-natural minerals or herb seasonings. And it comes complete with a polish for a crisp, mirror finish on the exterior.

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