Courant MAG:2 Essentials snap-on stand is a great accessory for an iPhone and AirPods user

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Give your iPhone and AirPods a stylish holder in the form of the Courant MAG:2 Essentials snap-on stand. This magnetic snap-on stand is compatible with your iPhone 12/13/14 as well as the AirPods. It comes in three colors and has a unique, sleek design, inspired by home decor. You can easily keep this by your bedside or workspace and have your mobile devices charge up in style. The Courant products are known for their sleek designs and this one’s not an exception. It will not just look beautiful but also charge your devices effortlessly at the same time. Call it the iconic look and feel of the iPhone or the AirPods, the stand justifies the style without compromising on its functionality.


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