Courant MAG:1 low-profile magnetic charger is wrapped in designer-quality Belgian linen

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Grab a designer quality charger for your workspace without doing away the charging efficiency in the form of the COURANT MAG:1 low profile magnetic charger. This beautiful charger comes in designer-quality Belgian Linen and a durable ABS coated frame. Additionally, it also blends effortlessly with any workspace. Whether it’s an end table, office desk, or a kitchen countertop or island, this charger can fit in anywhere with ease. It also comes with a Courant-branded travel pouch for your on-the-go charging needs. For full magnetic compatibility, the company recommends using MAG:1 with the iPhone 12 or 13. By mixing luxury materials with cutting-edge technology, this magnetic charger makes your everyday life around charging easy, effortless, and beautiful. Keeping this by your bedside or workspace will definitely add a touch of luxury and how.

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