Cooler Master Synk X cross-platform haptic chair blends entertainment with technology

Make the most of lifelike entertainment with your tech lifestyle in the form of the Synk X Cross Platform Immersive Haptic Chair. This chair presents an amplified immersion with a streamlined exterior and delicate craftsmanship. It actually converts sound waves into vibrations. At the same time, Synk X provides real-time tactile experiences for true to life, immersive entertainment. In fact, it also supports to fulfill different needs with its cross-platform compatibility. The ergonomic design allows for multiple adjustments of seat height, seating position, and reclining angle based on user’s choice. Additionally, a control interface is built-in for selecting audio sources, vibration levels, and headphone volume. This unusual and comfortable haptic chair makes immersive entertainment possible for any kind, anytime, and anywhere.

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