Conga AI-powered lawn mower offers multizone mapping along with smart app connectivity

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Take care of your lawn the easy way with the Conga AI-powered lawn mower. Offering multizone AI mapping, it lets you manage it all through the connected smart app. In fact, it boasts AI Vision Algorithms and Vision Fusion Localization (VFL) technology to automatically set the boundaries of your lawn. It can find and recognize the boundaries of your lawn even in direct or harsh sunlight with its 3 HDR cameras. Then, VFL technology helps it reach 3 cm accuracy during initial mapping and mowing tasks. Designed without a perimeter cable, it boasts 0.1-second obstacle avoidance and a cutting height of 25 to 85 millimeters. Along with all this, it can also mow up to 1,800 m² and handle a slope of 57%. Complete all your lawn maintenance work in one click!


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