Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner has a cordless design to make everyday car clean up a breeze

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Make car cleanup a breeze with this Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner. The cleaner comes with a cordless design that fits any car perfectly. It comes with a dimension of just 1.45 pounds and 14.88 inches. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor, washable HEPA filter, and 600ML large-capacity dust cup. You can easily use it to pick up food crumbs, pet hair, and even the lucky penny stuck on your floorboard. The best advantage of using this car vacuum is the fact that it’s highly portable and not bulky at all. This compact alternative will feel right at home in your car. In fact, the vacuum cleaner also comes with a 100% money back guarantee. An affordable car accessory that will make everyday car cleaning effortless and super easy.


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