Coelestium Terra Earth-inspired minimalist watch has a 3D rotating Earth at 6 o’clock

Wear a timepiece unlike others on this planet: the Coelestium Terra Earth-inspired minimalist watch. Offering a new way to see time, it actually has a 3D rotating Earth at the 6 o’clock position. Moreover, the Earth is custom settable, so you can line it up with your time-zone. This lets you watch your spot on the planet rotate as the day goes by. In fact, this watch draws inspiration from NASA’s Apollo 8 mission. On that mission, astronauts orbited the moon and took a picture. Dubbed Earthrise, this photo displays the earth above and behind the close-up desolate moon surface. Providing an alternative to current minimalist watches, Terra maintains a minimalist style while still being a unique way to showcase your love for space and the Earth.

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