Click & Grow 25 smart indoor garden produces farmers-market-quality greens in your kitchen

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Enjoy the freshest and most nutritious greens at home with the Click & Grow 25 smart indoor garden. Coming with an app, this garden takes care of watering, lighting, and most important gardening aspects automatically. Additionally, the app helps you track your plants and receive tips on how to grow the most bountiful greens. In fact, this garden is technically suited for all Click & Grow plants. But, the patented tray system is specifically designed for growing leafy greens in a seamless planting and harvesting cycle. You can insert plant pods from one end and easily harvest from the other. That way, you’ll always have healthy herbs to add to your dishes. With two color and finishing options to choose from, this is undoubtedly a smarter gardening choice for those who wish to grow greens at home.

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