Chubby Buttons 2 wearable bluetooth remote has nanosuction that sticks to smooth surfaces

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Control your everyday tasks from the palm of your hand, comfortably with the Chubby Buttons 2 Wearable Bluetooth Remote. It comes with a nanosuction layer that sticks to any smooth surface. Additionally, the nanosuction layer contains millions of tiny suction cups. These will enable chubby buttons to stick to any smooth surface around the house. These could be any surface such as tiles, mirrors, windows, or even metal. In fact, the ultra-thin design is reusable and washable. This remote comes with big, easy-press buttons, designed for gloved hands. So, whether it’s riding on the road or skiing in the mountains, this remote can help you go through your tasks with ease. When you don’t want it on your hands, you can also remove the armband and stick Chubby to flat surfaces with its nanosuction backing.


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