Christina Haack Slams Ex Ant Anstead For Sharing ‘Clickbait’ Article About Their Custody War: ‘Bizarre & Disturbing’

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Christina Haack took major issue with a Psychology Today article making reference to her custody battle with her ex-husband Ant Anstead. The reality star, 39, penned a long response to the piece on her Instagram, which called for more protection for children on social media and reality TV, but she also called out her ex, 43, for also sharing the article, except Ant felt the article was much more positive. “It was just brought to my attention Hudson’s father is promoting this article on his page, but with clap hands,” she wrote in the caption. “This makes this even more bizarre and disturbing.”

Christina’s lengthy response to the ‘Psychology Today’ article. (Instagram/Christina Haack)

When Ant shared the article, he praised the journalist Hilary Levey Friedman Ph.D. for including his custody battle and highlighting issues that the For The Love of Cars host took with his ex-wife using their son Hudson, 3, in paid advertisements, and he supported the idea of a “Hudson’s Law” to help protect children on social media and reality TV. “What an utterly brilliant article by [Hilary Levey Friedman] calling for an urgent change in the law to protect our kids,” he wrote on his Instagram Story.

Christina shut down the idea of a ‘Hudson’s Law.’ (Instagram/Christina Haack)

While Ant supported the ideas that the sociologist and author brought up, Christina was very upset and called the article “completely inaccurate.” She argued that she hadn’t tried to make a case that she and Ant’s son should be included in her TV shows or paid ads. “I never fought to have Hudson film with me or post ads. I made my point that a public figure with a public Instagram should take his own advice and leave Hudson off all media if he was concerned about Hudson’s safety and well-being,” she wrote.

Christina and Ant were married from 2018 to 2021. (MEGA)

Aside from disputing the claims in the article, Christina also pointed to other reality shows like Toddlers And Tiaras as well as influencers including their kids in paid promotional posts. “Are all these people putting their kids in harms [sic] way or using their kids as ‘puppets?!’ The answer is, NO,” she responded, while also pointing out that most of her shows did not focus on her kids, but rather on home improvement.

Christina ultimately clapped back at the idea of a “Hudson’s Law,” saying it was pointless. “Leave me out of your propaganda. Hudson’s Law?! Really? That is absurd. You don’t know anything about my household. Hudson is MY son. I’ve always protected him and always will,” she wrote earlier in her caption.

Christina’s response to her ex-husband sharing the article. (Instagram/Christina Haack)

The former couple has been involved in a custody battle regarding their son since April when Ant filed for full custody. Christina responded to a claim from her ex that she was “exploiting” their son in a September court filing. She said that while Hudson had appeared in some of her ads, they “were organic moments in Hudson’s eyes,” but she also said that she had no issue with stopping. She announced that she’d no longer feature Hudson in an October Instagram post. “I have made the decision to no longer feature Hudson on Instagram, my tv shows or any social platforms until he is old enough to make this decision for himself,” she wrote.

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